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Hubbell's new Spider II temporary power distribution system sets a new safety and performance standard for your temporary power needs. Construction sites and outdoor events place more demands on electrical power than ever before. Hubbell's new and improved Spider box steps up to this challenge by offering advanced electrical and safety features. The Spider II box incorporates the most advanced ground fault module technology available in the industry today ensuring safe and reliable distribution of electrical power for a wide variety of temporary power applications

Breadth of Line and Innovation
Hubbell manufactures a variety of Spider II boxes and temporary power products for both indoor and outdoor power and lighting applications. Hubbell's next generation Spider products incorporate the most recognized innovation in wiring devices in 75 years, the Hubbell Safety Shroud Twist-LockŪ system. The shrouded Twist-Lock design extends the life of the plug by protecting the blades from abuse and, more importantly, the shroud protects the user from arcing hazards. The Spider II temporary power system incorporatres Watertight Safety Shroud Twist-Lock receptacles to provide a UL Type 3R rating when the receptacles are used with Watertight Safety Shroud Twist-Lock plugs. Standard Twist-Lock and Safety Shroud Twist-Lock plugs may be used with these receptacles if water ingress during use is not a concern. To ensure an overall 3R rating when all receptacles are in use, Hubbell has also designed a new weatherproof boot. This weatherproof boot for Straight Blade plugs obtains a 3R rating when it is used with the new Spider II Straight Blade receptacles.

Environmental Protection
All Twist-Lock and Straight Blade receptacles on each Spider box are protected when not in use by a gasketed, spring loaded flip lid. Hubbell has taken multiple steps to ensure that the new Spider II boxes can withstand today's harsh environment requirements and as a result, the Spider II boxes have earned a 3R enclosure rating for outdoor rainproof applications. In addition to the added safety and water resistant features designed into the Spider II temporary power distribution system, Hubbell is making the new boxes user friendly by offering a full line of replacement parts for field repairability.

Hubbell's Spider II boxes meet NEC 305-6 requirements for personal protection against electrical shock hazards on job sites and are listed to the latest UL 1640 standard for portable power distribution.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Product Specifications
 Product Type  Spider II Temporary Power Distribution Units
 Primary GFCI Protected Receptacles  6 - 20A Twist-Lock Receptacles
 Secondary Receptacle Protection  30A 250V Twist-Lock Receptacle - Non GFCI Protected
 Rating  50A, 125/250V AC (max.)
 Listings/Certifications  UL 1640 c-UL and CSA NRTL/C
 Operation  Indoor and outdoor wet and dry locations
 Enclosure Type  3R, rainproof, suitable for use in damp locations
 Code Compliance  Article 305 of NECŪ, ANSI/NFPA 70 (NECŪ)/NFPA 70 (NECŪ).
 Moisture Resistance  3R, rainproof, suitable for use in damp locations
 Operating Temperature  66°C max.; -35°C min. w/o impact
 Cover Plate Gasket Material  UL recognized closed-cell foam (aging and oil resistant)


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems